Everchase Industrial Ltd was found in 1988. Serving the PCB printing industry over the past 16 years. Our core business included photo imageable solder resist materials. Based on our business principle "sincerity, professional, innovative, enthusiasm", we have provided assurance to our customers and strengthen the bonding with our business partners. Throughout the years, we have expanded and developed the expertise in supplying the following products.

Liquid Photo Imageable Resist
& UV Curable Ink

PSR-550, PER-800 & PSR-310 Series Resists. GOO Chemical Co., Ltd is a world leader in manufacturing advanced electonic materials, supplying specialty chemicals such as high quality Liquid Photo Imageable Resist (Etch Resist & Solder Resist) and UV Curable Ink (Etch Resist, Solder Resist, Marking Ink & Plugging Ink). GOO Chemical head office in Tokyo, Japan.

Dry Film Photoresist

SUNFORT YQ-40PT series Dry Film Photoresist, Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Asahi Chemical is a world leader in the development and production of dry film photoresists for printed circuit boards, polyimide resins for semiconductor coatings, and other advanced materials for electronics production.

SUNFORT is a polyacrylic-based dry film photoresist for printed circuit board production, utlizing alkaline-solution development. Asahi Chemical head office in Tykyo, Japan.


DENSOTRANS HCP, HRP & HSP series PCB Diazo Films, Folex AG. Folex/Celfa AG has been in the business of coating film and paper specialities since 1951. Light sensitive films for phototooling in the Printed Circuit Board Industry is an area of experties within the group.

Folex manufacturing process has been controlled by the strict and internationally approved quality management system ISO9001:2000 since 1993. Folex head office in Seewen-Schwyz, Switzerland. Folex/Celfa products with the "Swiss Quality" Logo enhance the reputation of the town of Seewen-Schwyz, the company location, all over the world.


Everchase Industrial Ltd
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